Pidge has worked seemingly every job. From advertising and web development to film editing and game design.

She will leverage that diverse background to bring your streams to the next level.


No matter how wild your merch dreams are, Muu can make it a reality! For over a decade Muu has produced fanart merchandise through her company, Glasses Brigade.

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What is Kawa Entertainment?

Kawa is an 'Adoption' style VTuber agency focusing on tech and merchandising. We 'adopt' VTubers that are already streaming and seek to nurture their branding through various perks that would be hard for an individual to procure, while also connecting them with fellow content creators.

Are applications open? / Are you accepting new members?

Currently, we are not taking applications. Please consider following us on Twitter or joining our discord to ensure you know when they re-open.

What do you mean by ‘Adoption Agency’?

Most VTuber agencies provide new identities and models to their talents, which has two unfortunate side effects - The talent would have to retire their old character, and the agency would own the IP of the new character. Instead of forcing our talents to give up their personalized identities, we have hired them as-is. The talents retain all ownership of their IP.

What are Kawa’s goals?

We're here to support our talents as much as possible while not getting in the way. They know their content best; we aren't here to change that.

Who are you?

We are a team of VTubers, VTuber fans, and established business owners. If you'd like to read more, consider checking us out above!

Where are you located?

We are located in Austin, Texas. Happy to meet y'all!

What exactly do you offer your talents?

We want to make our talents stand out with quality merchandising and cutting-edge streaming tools. Besides that, we offer support, management, and networking.

How much control do you exert over your talents?

Each talent determines exactly how much management they want. Some want in-depth management over schedules and stream improvements, some want us to be almost entirely hands-off except for large events like sponsorships or song covers. We will never make a talent do or say anything they don't want to.

Where’s the name come from?

A love of bad puns. 'Kawa' is the Japanese word for 'river', and rivers are greater than streams. It gets worse. We called ourselves Kawa Entertainment because the shortened 'Kawa E' sounds like 'kawaii'.

Where can I see your merchandise offerings?

Our in-stock and preorder-only products are available under Merch, or at

Are talents paid when merchandise is sold?

Yes, a percentage of each sale goes directly to the talent. The rates differ from product to product.

Can I draw fanart of Kawa talents?

Yes! Each of our talents has a fanart tag. Please use them if you plan on posting on Twitter, we'd love to see it!

Can I clip Kawa talents?

Yes, but please credit their respective channels in the description or title upon re-posting. You may monetize the clip as long as it is sufficiently edited - i.e., you are monetizing your addition to the stream. You may not simply monetize an unedited section of a talent’s stream.

Can I use Kawa’s logo or any of your talent’s logos?

We do not want there to be misunderstandings about what is official or fan-made, please do not use our official logo on any fan projects or merchandise. Each talent’s logos may have similar restrictions.

Can I message your staff?

Yes! We’re happy to help. The best way to contact us is by DMing our Twitter at @kawa_entertain, or emailing us at [email protected]

Can I message your talents?

This depends on the talent. If a talent does not wish to be contacted directly, please respect that. In these cases, please instead contact staff.

Will talents get a new model? What happens to my old identity/model?

You will continue with your old identity/model. We plan to "adopt" our talents. Our lower royalty shares force us to focus on what's essential, and for us, that's evolving our talent's current brand. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. However, if the talent requires a new model, we plan to work out a custom deal with them on a case-by-case basis.

Since you're adopting the model, what does that mean for Intellectual Property/copyright?

The Intellectual Property (copyright) for the talent's model stays entirely with them even upon signing with us. You license us your image/model to make merch, advertise, etc. However, your model is still yours at the end of the day, even if we part ways.

Are there any gender limits for those applying?

No. Any gender can apply.

Are there any age limits for those applying?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to apply.

Are there any quotas on streams?

Yes. We expect all talent to stream approximately three times a week (6-8 hours on average per week). We require 1/3rd of streams to be on YouTube. Any additional streams can happen on other platforms.

I currently stream on Twitch. Can I still apply?

Yes. But if selected we will require you to stream at least partially on YouTube.

Do I have to have a certain number of followers, subscribers, or viewers?

No. However, we are looking for established content creators, so the longer you've been streaming, the better.

Will you help create custom tools to help make my streams more engaging?

Yes. We will create custom in-house tools and programs to serve our talent better. So they can focus on streaming.

Will you help acquire new assets to use for streams?

Yes. Our goal is to help be a buffer for our talents and reduce the amount of business-orientated stuff they do.

Will you help with sponsorships?

Yes. We plan to get our talents sponsors on their request.

Will you help with merchandise?

Yes. We will create custom merchandise for each talent. If the talent is interested in more, we are also happy to discuss that with them.

Will you help with market research?

Yes. On no less than a monthly basis, we will look into current trends and use our connections to consult each Talent signed.

Will you provide me with a computer?

We will not be buying the talent hardware upfront on joining signing with Kawa.

Do I have to live in the United States to join?

Even though we are based in the United States, we are more than happy to work with anyone that speaks English!

Do I have to stream in English only?

Kawa is mainly an English agency. That said, we would love to have multilingual streamers flex their knowledge and do occasional streams in another language. Both Pia and Senni stream in Japanese.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Consider messaging us on Twitter or reach out via email at [email protected]