Twitch Integrated Throwing System (T.I.T.S)

Aug 13th, 2022
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This program allows your chat to bully you as much as possible >:D

It can be used with or without VTube Studio to let people throw items at your face! This program is an OBS Overlay!

Official Tutorial:

VSeeFace Tutorial:

Unofficial Korean guide:

Some of the notable features:

  • Model-Importer for importing 3D and 2D Models
  • Customization of the imported models' properties
  • Customize special Triggers for Events happening on Twitch
  • VSeeFace Support (alpha)


  1. Unzip the file and start the "Twitch Integrated Throwing System.exe"
  2. Add the program as a "game capture" in your OBS sources and make sure "Allow Transparency" is checked!
  3. Make sure the application is covering the entire screen for the best experience
  4. To hide the program the default key-bind is to double-tap F10 (this can be changed in the settings)
  5. You can test throws by hitting F9 (this can also be changed)
  6. For a more comprehensive guide, check the official Tutorial!

I am an inexperienced developer, so please contact me whenever you encounter issues or have suggestions for future updates!

I am not responsible for the models that people import!

Official discord:


You will need to run Version 1.0.8 or higher otherwise your Twitch Authentication will not work!!!

VTuber used for Title-Picture: @maddiekuma