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Aug 10th, 2022
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You've found the Twitch Item Flood application! (We don't have a fancy acronym.) With our program, you can allow your viewers to flood you with items of your choosing!

August 2022 Update!

Because this has gotten more interest lately, I wanted to let everyone know that this isn't abandoned! I still have a lot of plans for things I want to do, I just haven't had the time to put into it. Please do reach out to me on Twitter if you ever have questions or run into any bugs, and I'll do my best to help out~! And thank you all for using Item Flood!


  • Item Profiles to fully customize your items, and switch between for different stream themes. (And can be shared!)
  • A PNG import system that lets you customize the item sizes and their collider.
  • Tons of settings to allow the application to fit your streaming style!
  • Auto-clearing of items when a certain amount are on the screen, so you don't get too flooded.
  • Derpy sounds if you so choose. (Disabled by default.)
  • A free backup of the default items that you can download and extract into your Item Data folder if you delete them on accident.
  • An optional debug tracker that can create text files to share with me to help diagnose bugs.


  1. Extract the zip file into your directory of choice. (May cause errors if placed within the Program Files or similar folders. )
  2. Open up the program and add to OBS as a Game Capture with transparency. (I've found center to screen window under transform aligns it best to the full screen.) Program is meant to run at 1920x1080.
  3. Edit the settings as you see fit! If you're using redeems, make sure your Twitch redeems match up with the redeems you edit in.
  4. Connect your Twitch account using your channel username. (May have to reconnect each time you start the program.)
  5. Be flooded by items.


  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Overwrite all previous files except the "ItemData" directory (your items) and "ProgramSettings" directory (your settings).


Space : Single Spawn Return : Large Spawn Period : Flood Comma : Super Flood
M : Follow N : Raid B : Sub V : Bits
C : Gift Sub K : Keywords L : Chat Commands X : Clear Board

Clicking the menu button shows/hides the menu. Double-clicking the screen when the menu is hidden hides the menu button itself.


Special thanks to chizuRoll for beta testing and inspiration. Also inspired by baka_tsuNAMI.

The VTuber featured in the screenshots and video on this page is modeled/rigged by RhapsPerhaps. Background in those screenshots by OKUMONO.

Also special thanks to numerous Unity Assets, Unity Forums posts, and Stackoverflow questions.

Known Bugs / Nitpicks

  • Some of the SFX have awkward volume that doesn't match the rest of the SFX. Will look into standardizing the volumes soon.

Discover a new bug? Want a new feature? Post in the comments!


This program is provided as is and I make no promises or guarantees that it will function or continue to function in the future. It has been beta tested, but there's probably a lot of random bugs. However, I fully intend to fix bugs as they are found and do hope to release a 2.0 version with more fun stuff!

All of the default images provided are free to use with attribution from Flaticon. I take no responsibility for the images users import and use after downloading the program.

I cannot promise combability with any other streaming applications, however we have observed it working fabulously with the wonderful T.I.T.S. program and it's quite hilarious.


This program is completely free, with the suggested donation of $10 (based on how similar programs are priced in the VTuber community). All funds from sales will go towards building myself a solid streaming setup (mic, tracking, etc.) so I can debut in 2022.


You are allowed to stream this, use it as part of shared images (such as on Twitter), and monetize your content while using this. Credit is not required, but a link back to the program would be appreciated so more people can enjoy~!

You are not allowed, however, to distribute the software itself or to mirror it at another download location. Please just send people a link to this page. It's free and I have no intention of taking it down, so it will stay available. (Also please don't use any of the screenshots I've shared here elsewhere without permission as they include my personal model.)

I do highly encourage making and releasing your own Item Profiles, though. However, I request that you don't charge or accept money for them unless you made the art you're using for them yourself.