Ultra Wiggly Cat Ears

Aug 6th, 2022
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Want satisfying ear wiggles when you blink? Floofy physics every turn? Get yourself these VTube Studio color-customizable cat ears!💖

You CAN change the colors in VTS:

When you load a new item in, press "configure/finetune", and on the next page after hitting "save", you can edit colors to match your own model using the "multiply/screen" feature!

File includes:
  • Cat Ear VTS item files (.moc3, .cdi3, .model3, .phsyics3, texture file, .vtube)
  • Terms and Conditions.txt (+ how to change the colors in VTS)
Before purchasing:
  • I highly suggest testing VTube Studio's existing Live2D animal ear items to see if this will attach well to your model. Pinning items can be tricky to get right.
  • This asset acts as a "Live2D sticker" above or behind your model, this will not work as well above horns or similar head accessories!
Terms & Conditions:
  • Do not redistribute or resell the file or its contents.
  • Do not rip the art and use it in any way not pertaining to this asset.
  • You may edit and customize the colors of the item in VTube Studio, as well as on the texture file. Please keep texture file edits to simple color changes/adding accessories (piercings, etc).
  • If you are using this asset often, please credit me on the about page of your streaming platform of choice. Along with a link to the product page!

With your purchase of my files, please respect the terms that come with it. Your integrity is extremely appreciated.

Kiru @k1ruse