vTuber Kit

Aug 6th, 2022
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VTubing is fun and awesome and cool! But for people looking to get into it, there can be steep prices. If you're not up for using a pre-made model, vTubers just starting out will most likely look into commissioning a custom model and rig, running anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But! What if someone wants to dip their toes in the VTubing scene without spending money, while also showing off their own personalized design? Well, that's where VTuber Kit comes in.

vTuber kit is an all-in-one solution. It comes with OpenSeeFace integrated, meaning you will be able to open the program and instantly have camera facial tracking as well as microphone input good to go.

And of course, VTuber Kit's main draw point is model customization. VTuber Kit is stuffed full of various parts to mix and match to create your own personal flair, with much more planned to be added soon. Users can customize colors, mix-and-match clothes, pick out various hair parts, and slap on accessories to create something they like.

Users can then stream with the character they've made! Since this is being built on top of my own personal vTubing solution, they will also get some benefits like Twitch integrations for redeeming headpats using the Twitch Channel points system if they choose to do so. Users will be free to take what they've made and use that design when crafting their own personal model/rig in the future if they so wish.