ViewLink: VR to Live2D

Aug 7th, 2022

Are you a VTuber that wants to stream VR games, but only have a Live2D model? With ViewLink, you can have your Live2D avatar react to VR gameplay without any fancy setup or additional hardware!

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Notable Current Features

  • VR head movement transferred to a Live2D avatar.
  • Automatic eye blinking setup.
  • Use your microphone to control your Live2D avatar's mouth movement.
  • In-game quick access menu for swapping models and activating hotkeys on the fly.

Planned Features

  • Gesture-based expression activation.
  • Improve UI customization options, especially the quick access menu.
  • Improve the hand tracking data passed to Vtube Studio.
  • Send finger tracking if the controller supports it to Vtube Studio.
  • Send controller rotation information to Vtube Studio.
  • Add play space tracking.

Current Limitations

  • Hand tracking data doesn't include controller rotation or finger tracking.
  • Very limited customization for quick access hand menu.

Setup Instructions

  • Start Vtube Studio* and turn on plugins
  • Start SteamVR (and make sure all controllers are properly connected)
  • Unzip the downloaded file and start the "ViewLink VR to Live2D.exe"
  • Configure the application through the SteamVR dashboard

ViewLink is free to be used in any context (including commercial), but redistribution or resale is strictly prohibited.

*Vtube Studio must be purchased separately in order to use this application.