12:00PidgeI made this!
12:00TheOGGoooood morning motherfuckers!
12:00PomuRainpuffBiiig Pomu energy~
12:00SelenTatsukiIt's ocean law! If it's in the ocean long enough, it's yours!
Welcome Ina'nis!
12:00NyannersMy skin is the clothes of my muscles. My muscles are the clothes of my skeleton. And my skeleton is the clothes of my spirit.
$6.66 from HanaMacchia!
Rip and Tear, until it is done
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I only have bowls. But isn't bowls like the best way to eat? You make pasta, you put it in a bowl. You make rice or something else, you put it in a bowl. You only need a bowl. What do you need a plate for? Steak? Cut it up before you put it in a bowl.
There is a small amount of setup needed to make our chat configurator work. Below are instructions on how to set your OBS up with your customized chat. First please obtain your upcoming stream's video ID. Please note this ID changes every stream you do so you will have to manually update it. You can find it in the URL of your stream after the "watch?v="
Once obtained you can paste it into the input box above to get your full chat URL. Your full chat url goes in the OBS browser source url field. The CSS can then be pasted into the custom CSS field in your OBS browser source configuration window. Now you should be good to go!