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Justo All Day First Merch Drop

It's me! JustoAllDay! Support my channel while getting some cool limited edition merch or else I'm telling Bowl Boy to come and find you. Get em before they're all gone! Available from (9/25 - 10/10 ) Estimated to ship out in Early November. Bundle contents: x1 4x6" sticker sheet with 7 stickers x4 1.75" Buttons

Noodle Cult Jr. Merch Bundle

For those who want to show their devotion to the cult and add a bit of chaotic cuteness to their lives. Arrives with the following: x2 1.75" Buttons x1 2" Sticker x1 Spooky Scary, UWU Voice Pack x1 5"x5" Print You swear you can hear in the distance a faint wheezing laugh of approval. You are coming home... Artist Credits: @hufflepugs @powderplays and @ark_evil02

Merch Bundle

For those who want to roll up in style and show their undying devotion. Don a noodlrific shirt and bring a little pasta demon ambiance with a special gold foil print. *This print will be signed by yours truly so be sure to pick one up while you can! Bundle Contents: x1 Black T-Shirt with printing on the front and back x1 Luxurious 10x10" Golden Print with personalized cult number! If you'd like to leave a message for Pasta, there is a text block on the 'Cart' page (click the top right button on the home page) NOT when you check out. x1 2" Sticker x2 1.75" Buttons x1 Voice Pack (Downloadable upon purchase, Actually not that spooky at all) Shipping with in the U.S. is included. Unfortunately, XXL and XXXL sizes are +$2 to cover for the increase in cost. Pictured print is the mini, not the full size version. You can hear a wheezing laugh in your walls - don't worry, you're amongst family now. Artist Credits: @hufflepugs @powderplays and @ark_evil02

All Kawa Talents (Pre-Order)

Although it's not springtime, flowers are still blooming for you! We're celebrating with six adorable chibis, each with their talent's favorite flower. Transparent Stickers are 2" in diameter, and printed on sturdy Vinyl. NOT UV RESISTANT, not recommended for outdoor use, but still scratch resistant and water resistant. Senni's outfit is going to be revealed soon, but will be revealed by the time these arrive! Buttons are 1.75" in diameter. Not a Limited release. Ships out in October

Hunikin Playmat or Desk Mat

x1 Rubber Playmat with Stitched Edges, OR Extended desk mat (+$15) All Artwork by Bata, Huni's model designer and artist, Bata: (2) Bata零➰ギャル絵 (@kakitsubataZERO) / Twitter

Hunikin Wallscroll

One Fabric Wallscroll All Artwork by Bata, Huni's model designer and artist, Bata: (2) Bata零➰ギャル絵 (@kakitsubataZERO) / Twitter

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